SAXON’s UK release

At last, Saxonites the world over can mark a special date in the calendar: Monday 8th December 2008. This is the day when SAXON the film will be released officially, following more than three years of perseverance, pain, generosity of spirit, talent, good luck and hard work by all concerned. It’s the moment when the blockbustered retailers come up for air – fresh air. It’s also when lots of people do their Christmas shopping. But for those wise ones who like to plan ahead, the DVD will soon be available to pre-order from the usual media stores, online, or direct from distributors Peccadillo Pictures.

Right now, the wheels of industry must spin very hard indeed…

*DVD EXTRAS: shooting and editing of new interview footage, post-production work on special short, preparation of trailer, stills sequence, animation and music tracks
*PR + MARKETING: press packs, online presence, mini adverts, interviews, design, deals
*DISTRIBUTION: printed and wrapped packs available online and instore; streaming and downloading; rental
*SAXON THE BOOK: typesetting, proofing and printing; marketing; distribution (eg bookshops, book fairs, online and direct purchase from the publishers CB Editions)
*LAUNCH event – watch this space

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