As fans of SAXON will know, Ridley Scott’s new movie Prometheus features Sean Harris in the uncannily-Eddie-like role of Fifield.

Back at the ranch, we’re guessing that Scott viewed SAXON and directed Sean to be just like Eddie, only in outer space. (The original pitch for ALIEN was “it’s just like JAWS, only in outer space.”) Either that, or our Sean felt nostalgic for his heady days of grim emotion and bodily injury¬†in the earthly realm of SAXON. He does look great disfigured and destroyed. And, just when you thought it was safe to go into mourning, he comes back again. He never quite dies.

Prometheus is strangely scripted but somehow beautiful to watch. Starry skies and starry Fassbender aside, there is a thing of beauty in the name SEAN HARRIS at the big front end of a blockbuster. He deserves to be seen by millions. He’s a great actor and he burns with intensity on screen. Long live Eddie.

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