Spring for SAXON

In March, SAXON director Greg Loftin attended the European Independent Film Festival in Paris, in his new role as competition judge and critic. Saxonites will remember that this time last year SAXON was in competition – and won the coveted award of Best European Dramatic Feature. All great news for the guerrilla film that came from nowhere and ended up somewhere.

More news from Paris: actor Paul McNeilly (SAXON’s elusive boxer character ‘Kevin’) featured in a film called Zebra Crossing which won the Film of the Festival prize at the ECU Film Festival.

Back in London, this April watch for the update of the SAXON website publicity section with the many positive reviews and articles generated by the film’s dvd release earlier this year. The coverage has been extensive and positive. And it continues! Famous film critic Kim Newman describes SAXON as “endearing”, “amusing” and “distinctive” in May’s issue of EMPIRE magazine. Happy spring news indeed.

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