Postcard from Paris

From Brooklyn to Bucharest, and quite a few places in between, film-makers and film-goers converged on the landmark Bibliothèque Nationale de France for the ECU European Independent Film Festival.

Official selection SAXON travelled to Paris, along with other features, shorts and documentaries, newly dubbed with French subtitles. The SAXON Q&A session in the Directors’ Room was a mini-fest of enthusiasm. Audiences favoured the casting (from Sean Harris to lesser-known actors such as Divian Ladwa), the surreal aspects of the film, and the arresting combination of humour and menace. French viewers readily understood the British world of SAXON as a parallel to their own cité housing projects.

With festival successes and UK theatrical release slated for summer 2008, Sillwood Films will seek agency/distribution in France and elsewhere in Europe.

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