East End International Film Festival

Following recent festival successes in Edinburgh, Israel and Europe, the much anticipated English premiere of guerrilla film SAXON is happening – at the East End International Film Festival. Past big-name premieres here include films by Danny Boyle, Julian Cole, Julian Temple, Richard E Grant’s Wah Wah and the Oscar-winning documentary Born into Brothels. Click here to visit the East End Film Festival website.

The SAXON screening at 8.30pm on 21st April is followed by a Q&A session with writer-director Greg Loftin and lead actors Sean Harris, Sarah Matravers and Michelle Connolly. The film’s cast, crew, private investors and journalists are attending this ‘sneak preview’ event. SAXON is slated for general release in summer 2008, via distributors Peccadillo Pictures.

For info about the Rich Mix cinema,
visit http://www.richmix.org.uk/
For tickets to SAXON’s English premiere,
phone 020 7613 7490

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