DVD premiere

Stuff happens. Global financial and banking crisis. Retail crisis. Independent film distribution crisis. Big studios suddenly cram the pre-Christmas slot with comedy dvds to distract us while we digest turkey and worry about the world. The instore shelves will be heaving with product, so there’s no space for little ole’ SAXON until January 2009. It’s a quiet time: people are on holidays, or broke, or curled up in front of the TV watching the dvds they got for Christmas… But it’s also a good time: people have gift vouchers to spend and unwanted dvds to exchange at the shops, and SAXON stands a chance of getting noticed. Product and PR. Instore, online and in the media.

So the news is this: 12 January 2009 is the official DVD premiere date for SAXON. You’ll find the dvd – packed with extras to die for – at all the usual retailers, great and small. You’ll also be able to buy the dvd direct from the distributors Peccadillo at www.peccadillopictures.com.

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