Hammer and gongs!

Sean Harris has won the 2014 BAFTA Award for Best Leading Actor! Enough exclamations already. We always dreamed he’d get his hands on one of those gold faces. Sean’s journey from ‘Fast Eddie’ in SAXON – his first ever lead role – has been quietly triumphant: See No Evil, Red Riding, Harry Brown, Prometheus, The Borgias and Southcliffe. The body count has been rather high, there’s been a lot of blood spilt, and… yes, it’s been worth it. He is an actor of rare talent and intensity.

Now’s the time to have 92 minutes of Sean Harris all to yourself…

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See Sean accept (and re-arrange) his BAFTA

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As fans of SAXON will know, Ridley Scott’s new movie Prometheus features Sean Harris in the uncannily-Eddie-like role of Fifield.

Back at the ranch, we’re guessing that Scott viewed SAXON and directed Sean to be just like Eddie, only in outer space. (The original pitch for ALIEN was “it’s just like JAWS, only in outer space.”) Either that, or our Sean felt nostalgic for his heady days of grim emotion and bodily injury in the earthly realm of SAXON. He does look great disfigured and destroyed. And, just when you thought it was safe to go into mourning, he comes back again. He never quite dies.

Prometheus is strangely scripted but somehow beautiful to watch. Starry skies and starry Fassbender aside, there is a thing of beauty in the name SEAN HARRIS at the big front end of a blockbuster. He deserves to be seen by millions. He’s a great actor and he burns with intensity on screen. Long live Eddie.

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All’s quiet now

SAXONITES the world over will be saddened to hear that distributors Peccadillo had all their stock stored in the SONY warehouse which was totally burnt down during the riots of August. Many other indie film and music distributors were hit too.

The best you can do? Help keep the business going! Order lots of copies of SAXON! Even if you already own the dvd, why not give this wildly original Britfilm to friends and family? Say happy birthday and/or happy Christmas with a difference! Sing the film’s theme song ‘Cielito Lindo’ (pretty blue sky) all the way through the gloom of winter.

May mix ‘n’ match

We’re still here, and so are you! In this year of coalition and sharingness, we thought it would be good to mix ‘n’ match some news of cast and crew.

SAXON’s writer-director Greg Loftin has won the services of not-so-secret agent Camille McCurry at United Artists, who is representing him and building some heat around his latest film script The Hand Factory, first aired at County Hall’s Debating Chamber in December last year.

SAXON composers Micky Portman and Vincent Browett, together with Frankie Goes To Hollywood guitarist Nasher, have produced a world cup single for Neil Morrissey. England’s On The Way (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) was released 24th of May, to coincide with ITV series Men Brewing Badly – also scored by our two maestros – and on the EMI album England The Album 2010.

Sean Harris, AKA our Eddie, was the show-stealing crim character called ‘Stretch’ in last year’s award-winning Michael Caine feature Harry Brown.

SAXON’s producer Elise Valmorbida has had two novels published: The TV President (2008) and The Winding Stick (2009). She was chosen for the feature interview of Angel magazine’s 150th Anniversary Edition and profiled as “One to Watch” in MovieScope magazine.

Hair and makeup duo Gloria and Sharon Holloway have opened cinematic hair salon ‘Vintage Hair Lounge’ in Southampton. But first, talented Sharon made The Crime Wave, starring Sarah Matravers (AKA SAXON’s Linda), which won two international awards last year: Best First Film (International Film Festival Thailand), and Best Avante Garde (International Film Festival Ireland).

Andrew Joslin is the costume designer of films The Crime Wave, Krakatoa and, filming now, The Letters. Oh, and a whole stash of television besides.

Since the summer of SAXON, Steven Priovolos has been cinematographer on no less than 8 feature films for cinema and television, and 11 TV series episodes, with more projects in development.

Divian Ladwa (AKA Rahim) has written, directed and starred in a short film called The Boxer, which recently screened at Camden’s Roundhouse as part of the Portobello Film Festival. More festivals to come!

Autumn update

Director-writer Greg Loftin, well underway with a new screenplay, has been offered an encouraging script development opportunity…

The European School for Young Performers, The Movieum and Sarah Berger are proud to present a rehearsed reading of Greg Loftin’s THE HAND FACTORY in the exciting new venue of The Debating Chamber in County Hall. Enjoy this startling gothic tale about a divided family where the women make hands and the men make trouble.

So here’s a date for your diary: 7.30pm, Tuesday 1st December. Admission is free. You can call to add your name to the guest list on 07984 226097 or turn up on the night, if there are places left. After the show, you can mingle with cast and crew in the bar.

Recent airings for SAXON: a special offer on the dvd/book for NPA (New Producers Alliance) members, and an enthusiastic crowd at the producer’s ‘Making of a guerrilla film’ presentation at Bucks New University.

Spring for SAXON

In March, SAXON director Greg Loftin attended the European Independent Film Festival in Paris, in his new role as competition judge and critic. Saxonites will remember that this time last year SAXON was in competition – and won the coveted award of Best European Dramatic Feature. All great news for the guerrilla film that came from nowhere and ended up somewhere.

More news from Paris: actor Paul McNeilly (SAXON’s elusive boxer character ‘Kevin’) featured in a film called Zebra Crossing which won the Film of the Festival prize at the ECU Film Festival.

Back in London, this April watch for the update of the SAXON website publicity section with the many positive reviews and articles generated by the film’s dvd release earlier this year. The coverage has been extensive and positive. And it continues! Famous film critic Kim Newman describes SAXON as “endearing”, “amusing” and “distinctive” in May’s issue of EMPIRE magazine. Happy spring news indeed.

Meet the guerrillas

The New Producers Alliance and Sillwood Films get together for a ‘how-to’ evening… How to make a successful guerrilla film, that is. Meet the makers, hear their story (eye-patch, twins and all), pocket the new dvd and book, plus your chance to win Final Draft software!

WHO: director-writer Greg Loftin (NPA member), producer Elise Valmorbida (NPA member), distributor Simon Savory (Peccadillo) & publisher Charles Boyle (CB Editions)
WHEN: 7.30 pm, Tuesday 17th February 2009
WHERE: Molinare, 34 Fouberts Place, London W1F 7PX
HOW TO BOOK: Call NPA on 020 76130440, or email Chiara Ventura at events@npa.org.uk
TICKETS: £10 NPA members, £20 non-members

DVD release: SAXON gets good press

Saxonites the world over will cherish this merry month of January 2009, when the DVD finally hits the shelves, and reviews hit the magazines, papers, websites – and what a hit! Who would have thought that a film with such humble origins could rise to this? Read on…

“Wielding a budget so low as to be almost imperceptible, first-time director Greg Loftin somehow turns in an original piece of work… Entirely independent and gleefully multi-genre.” (3 stars)
—The Guardian, 23 January 2009

“Saxon has all the ingredients to become another British cult film… it’s the sort of film that a niche audience will adore… strong performances and some droll, quotable dialogue make for an experience highly original, slowly unsettling and defiantly compelling.”
—Clash Magazine (Voted Best Magazine of the Year) 8/10 score

“Saxon is a low-budget Brit-flick that successfully shakes off its monetary shortcomings to prove unexpectedly entertaining… It’s got blood and boxing, crossbows and curries, and enough blackest-comedy laughs to warrant immediate investigation.”
—Rock Sound Magazine

“Twisted, gritty and downright freaky, this British revenge thriller is long overdue its DVD release.”
—Little White Lies

“an engaging debut that bodes well for the future… a worthwhile movie that could easily secure a cult audience”
—DVD Monthly

“Noticeably low on budget it may be, but its filmmakers more than compensate for this with their enthusiasm and originality. They also have a trump card in leading man Sean Harris, best known for his faultless portrayal of Ian Curtis in 24 Hour Party People. A nervy, twitchy human punch-bag, he’s a lovable loser in the same mould as Frank Gallagher of ‘Shameless’ fame.
—Channel4 / Film4

“…a quirky, aspirational enterprise backed by a po-faced turn from Harris. The extras really add to the sense of moviemaking in real-life trenches.”
—Total Film

“Saxon is a triumph of skill and imagination over limitations. It borrows freely from people like David Lynch, Kubrick and classics like the Maltese Falcon and Chinatown, but its very parochial story makes these homages seem fresh and self-parodic. On its own merits and as a blueprint for first time and small budget film makers, Saxon deserves praise. It illustrates that you should use flights of fancy and canny improvisation to hide the holes in pockets of your producers, and if you are creative or talented enough you will succeed. If you can look behind the DIY production, you will be in for a real treat. A low budget British film which is novel and creative given a strong DVD release. Buy it.”
—DVD Monthly

SAXON the book instore

Here’s a snap of SAXON the book in Foyle’s bookstore, Charing Cross Road. Actually, you might also notice (in the middle of the second shelf) a novel called THE TV PRESIDENT. This “part mystery, part road-movie, blackly funny switchback ride” was written by SAXON’s producer Elise Valmorbida. Buy both books as cool Yule presents – for yourself, your friends and family. You can pick them up from Foyle’s (evidently), Waterstone’s, Amazon or, best of all, direct from the publisher CB Editions. Both books are way more fun than socks.

Foyles Nov 08 (more…)

SAXON the book

Yes folks, some things DO go to plan! SAXON the book has been written, edited, designed, proofed and proofed, printed, bound and published! It’s a beautiful volume with raw brown covers, coloured endpapers, tasty typography and lots of black-and-white production stills. You can buy the book now from the usual retailers or, better still, direct from the publishers CB Editions.

Inside SAXON – screenplay by Greg Loftin + the making of a guerrilla film:

* the full original screenplay – this printed version offers new insights into the final film as it shows some elements which were lost or changed due to the constraints of budget, time and location
* ‘the making of’ story based on the newsletters written by the producer for cast, crew and investors over the 3-year period from pre-production through to post-production, marketing, film festivals, distribution and release
* full credits – cast, production crew, post-production, special thanks
* a mini biog of lead actor Sean Harris, writer-director Greg Loftin and producer Elise Valmorbida
* awards and extracts from the extensive press coverage the film has garnered to date
* lots of lovely stills – behind the scenes and in front of them!

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