Log line

Ex-con Fast Eddie returns to the corrupt housing estate where he grew up, to investigate the disappearance of a quiz champion.


Saxon is a 90-minute drama that lives in the same dark alley as Dead Man’s Shoes and Trainspotting. The basic story runs along classic lines: a reformed bad man is compelled to undertake a desperate mission which unleashes the demons of his past. On a journey through revenge, hope and horror, the narrative unfolds at the gripping pace of a good thriller.

Short synopsis

London, the present. Soon after leaving prison, EDDIE has his eye cut out by a loan shark chasing an old debt. Eddie’s other eye will only be spared upon repayment. Desperate for cash, Eddie phones LINDA, a childhood sweetheart. She lives in SAXON – a ghost-town of grim flats run by a corrupt council. Linda is very wealthy. Her husband KEVIN won a million pounds on a TV quiz show. But Kevin has gone missing, feared dead. Eddie offers his services as an amateur sleuth, and so embarks on a comically gruesome journey through the surreal underworld of SAXON: the place where he grew up, the place where his mother works as a prostitute, the place where he murdered a bailiff.

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“Enthralling, and intriguing, this screenplay is a gem”.

“Enjoyed every second. Great dialogue, well-paced, very funny… Eddie’s the down-and-out anti-hero we’ve come to love in British films, beginning with CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Tortured, betrayed, hounded by enemies from all sides, he flashes and fumbles through a story that needs only a great soundtrack to become a cult classic…”

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